Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday - A new week a new start.

This has been a weekend of change!!! BIG CHANGE

Well after a wonderful Sunday lunch at my Mom & Dads we popped to Halfords and bought 2 new bikes!!! With the aim of both of us getting fit. Well Mrs EB was wearing a long skirt, her car was full, so I said I would ride her bike home. (The other bike will be ready Monday) Now I haven't done any exercise for ** years.

I duly get on the and start riding her bike home from Sutton town centre, I get as far as Beeches Walk, and have to stop and rest. I then walk the bike past the Girls School, and ride it down hill to the Indian at the lights. I rest again, cross the road and ride home. All in all a mile? I was nearly wiped out!! I could hardly breathe, my legs where like stones.

Now, I know I have to be careful with my health, and not over do things, but stupid me I really over did it. I got home about 4:45pm and sat quietly for 20 or so minutes, then got ready to go to Church as I was on sound, I borrowed Mrs EB's inhaler and sucked on that. I went to Church, but I didn't feel up to going to the Vesey, so I am now coughing and wheezing at home feeling very sorry for myself.

What scares me now is I have to get the other Bike tomorrow!!!!

Anyhoo I'll post some pics soon of out new bikes.