Monday, February 19, 2007

We all need hero's

The visiting preacher yesterday was talking about hero’s. I have a few hero’s one of Matt’s last posts was about one of my hero’s who was tragically killed, Steve Irwin. Steve had passion I love passion. So as I was in bed last night I started to think about Hero’s and why I have the hero’s I do.

My First Hero is Mike Oldfield – The first music Album I bought was Tubular Bells in about 1974, and it just blew me away I still listen to it today.

Sir George Martin – Is the 5th Beatle and the man behind the sound, he produced all of the Beatles hits, he is quite possibly the greatest influence on the sound of music. He "retired" a few years ago after producing one last album, called "In My Life" though it seems his idea of retirement is the same as my dads. I love his latest work, Love.

Trevor Horn – Another Record Producer, who has had hits in his own right, but also has produced some amazing people from Frankie goes to Hollywood, Mike Oldfield and Yes. His ear is just amazing and some of the sounds he creates just make me want to keep learning.

Bob Geldof - Again this man has tireless passion for what he believes in and will stand by it. I don't always like what he says, but that is because it is uncomfortable listening. He is a true person of compassion.

David Attenborough – his passion for Natural History is so infectious it changed me. I just love to watch his programmes, I have learnt so much from him.

Carl Chinn – Working with Carl his passion changed my view of Birmingham and Brummies, Carl is so infectious I just love him.

There are hundreds of people I admire but these people are who I call my hero’s, people I look up to and would like to meet and spend time with have a good chat over a meal. There is one other Hero I have, Ronnie – he’s one of the hardest working people I know and quite possibly my biggest influence in my life, also he’s my Dad and I love him. I know I haven't put Jesus, I don't class him as a Hero, as he is God.