Saturday, February 17, 2007


I have been updating ITunes for our IPods. It has been a game of hunt the CD around the house. They have turned up in the most unexpected of places, one CD I found was under my studio desk? I have no idea how it got there. One CD was stuck under all of my paper work, and one CD was actually on the CD shelf!! but behind all of the CD's, so I would never have found it if I hadn't taken all the other CD's out. I have not found a few CD's which we used to own? I have leant out loads of CD's over the years some of which have never come back. One CD was called "This is Cult Fiction" off the back of Pulp Fiction, it was an amazing album of theme tunes, but its a gonna. Crocodile Shoes is another one, I have Croc2 and Tales of a Tadpole, but not the first album of Jimmy Nails. I know there are loads more missing, but I can't remember what they are?
If you have a CD collection I may just ask to borrow the odd CD to throw on our IPods or if you have borrowed a CD off us please can we have it back?.....We have over 50 gigabites to fill. I still have some more of our CD's to put on the IPods plus I am sure we will be buying the odd CD in America.

Anyhoo a few stats for you:-

On our IPods are

3674 Tracks
46 Videos
3222 Photo's
218 Albums
10.5 Days of playing time