Friday, February 09, 2007


Maybe I’m a grouch or a misery guts, but why does England have to grind to a halt when a bit of snow falls? A load of schools announced they would close the day before it fell? Why? Kids can walk in snow, teachers can get about in snow? I know a teacher who worked yesterday, she sent me a brilliant photo of a snowman made yesterday with a little help from her class.
If the kids can’t go to school the parents must stay at home? what is that about? I don’t ever remember my Mum or Dad taking a day off to be with us when it snowed? I remember being sent home from school when the snow was very bad and the boiler wouldn’t light, I had forgotten my front door key and spent the day round a friends house on our own!!! Crikey, we didn’t kill anyone or cause mayhem and destruction, we watched a Video (yes they were around then) and had some lunch. Just like kids would do today if left and if they had been brought up right.
Oh Guess what? It is the same today as well, and it isn't even snowing!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
The snow will cost billions in lost revenue, it will be on the news soon, a little snow falls so the country grinds to a halt, what a joke to the rest of the world we must seem.