Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Diner

Oh heck, Mrs EB is out this evening seeing Keane so my Pancakes are on hold again!!!! Will I ever get any pancakes? (I think the saga of my Pancakes will run longer than my Blog at this rate!!)

I took my Mom to Friday Diner today, it didn't seem busy but they did over 50 meals!!! this is such a wonderful Outreach idea. Baked Spud and filling and a cake and tea or Coffee for £2 all done in the Church, it gets people into the Church in a non threatening way and there is food at a very reasonable price.
We sat with Ian L and his dad Ken, and Ian explaied about the renovation project and how so far the Church as raised over £400,000 by just giving from within the Church, this totally amazed her
My Mom also met Phil Mullins who was welcoming people, he made her laugh, and she seems interested in the outreach Lunch next week "Creation or Evolution?" by Donald. lets pray she will except the invite I give her....Maybe even my Dad will come as well.
So this evening I think a Chinese Curry and some TV and a few cuddles with my megga moggies.