Friday, December 21, 2007

I nearly did a week at work!!! I didn't do Wednesday..which was a good thing really as it meant could order Mrs EB's Christmas prezzie.

Work is really good, even though I can't actually do my job!!! I am still waiting for clearance to come through, and as yet that hasn't arrived, I have been shaddowing various teachers and this has been great, esp Tom, Tom is an ex squaddie and is a great guy for making contacts, and where I am working if you need anything doing you need to know the right people and Tom knows everyone, so that has been great meeting all these people.
I am learning that everything takes 4 times longer than the outside world to get anything done and I must be patient, also what used to be a half day induction is now a week!!! so once I am cleared I have a week of induction, then I can start talks about running my class, Praise God!!!!
I did recieve my one piece of service issue clothing!!!! a belt so things are moving on....I only got this because of Tom!!!! (LOL)