Saturday, December 29, 2007


What a beggar, I am stuck in bed with a cold and very chesty cough...I seem to have caught it from work...see I never had this problem working for myself!!!

I was at work Thursday and I could feel it starting and yesterday morning and I could feel it getting worse, I popped to the boat yesterday afternoon after work so my friend Martin could come and visit, the heating was not working again so I froze for a few hours, by the time I arrived at home I was shivering. I have been in bed ever since and I really don't feel good.

I am just surfing the net, watching TV and taking medicine and generally feeling very sorry for myself.

I am having a interesting time at work, I should be doing a few more things over the coming weeks as my clearances have now come through. I have met a lot of the teachers now and I am a little more confident with the guys, though I am still a little nervous.