Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday update


By Sunday evening I was very nervous about Monday morning and starting my new job, well not really starting the job, starting the security clearing part of the job, but I was still very nervous about being there.


I am/will be working for Derby College, somewhere in the Midlands that doesn’t really let people out. I will be teaching young people about how to make radio programmes and all that entails, such as script writing, editing, collating , choosing the right songs etc. I believe God has called me here to be his light in a dark place. I spent a good day there yesterday and I felt God with me, though I did feel very out of my depth and so far out of my comfort zone it was scary. I will also be doing a teaching qualification as I am working, which is fantastic, if anyone had said to me a year ago I would be doing work to become a teacher I would have laughed at them...God does challenge us doesn’t he!

If you would like to Pray for me in this new venture I would really value that support, if I don’t have your email address can you email me via comprodman at hotmail and I will be in touch with a prayer support email. I am using hotmail in the first instance because I don’t want me regular email addy on here.