Monday, December 03, 2007

A busy but amazing day and busy weekend

Yesterday was a very busy day, I was on sound, and I seemed to spend all day at Church, after the morning service there was a small rehearsal for Thursday evening at Little Aston Golf Club, then a quick lunch at Jimmy Spices then back to Church for a mega rehearsal for the evening service to be lead by the youth groups, Ignite and Fusion.

This was a very powerful and amazing service that just left me speechless. God is at work here with the young in our Church. There were skits, videos, Power points and Worship, Prayers, communion and responses’. The one video used just before communion blew me away, it made me cry and also touched me so deeply I am going to put it on here. I hope you watch it to the end and see probably the best Christian Dance ever.

I have decided to update his entry as it is sort of part of my thoughts from last weekend, my thoughts and mind are still focused on the possibility of the Job and I am still praying about it. I have also deleted a load off stuff Facebook, things like Superwall and Funwall as all I seem to get posted on there is either snowballs or chainmail with threats of bad luck???? if I don't post them on, what a load of Bo***cks, I was also getting sexual stuff posted on there. I am still thinking about deleting my account as it has just become so wrong and no one seems to be moderating Facebook. The idea of finding old friends is fantasic and I have caught up with some, but I don't like the way it's just becoming so full of spam and pass this on now or else crap. I have spam filters on my email but there isn't that sort of filter on Facebook. I don't want to come across as a frumpy old git, maybe I am, but these things can and do hurt people and I don't want to be involved with things like that.

Mrs EB was busy on Saturday during the morning and early afternoon so I popped up to the boat and carried on doing little jobs, I still a few jobs to do, like sanding and varnishing the exterior woodwork, I also need to give it a good wash and polish. I think that's about it really, not much else to blog about at the moment.

I have watched this video a few times now and I am just so blown away by it, I don't think I have ever seen anything as powerful as this in dance form.