Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is it a calling or is it me?

I am in one of those places where I am testing my heart with a calling and seeing if it is me or God calling me in to a new job, I honestly do not think it is me, but it might be. I have fears and doing the job will certainly be facing one of them head on and being a coward I tend turn the other way when a fear shows itself to me. So applying for this job is stepping towards my fear head on. I think I am being obedient to a calling from God, as in my heart I knew I should apply for this job even though I don’t have all that is needed to do the job, but if God wants me there he will make the job happen and equip me with the help needed and the teaching to do this for the past few weeks

Team Leader has been preaching about Joshua and being a servant to God and being obedient and doing as God asks. This is a lesson for each of us, but more so myself. The other Sunday (the 5th November) Team Leader showed a great video (veggietales) of Joshua and the story of being obedient to God and doing what God asks him to do and praying for 7 days and marching around the walls of Jericho and the walls then came tumbling down.
Team Leader then gave out Prayer cards marked for 7 day and said if we have a wall we should pray for 7 days about it and see if those walls would come tumbling down. Well I wasn't faithful to this last week, but this week I am trying to be. I am also being obedient and really stepping out of my comfort zone with the job, let’s see if these walls come tumbling down and my being obedient and stepping out in faith all come together in one thing.