Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Music and memories

One of my passions is music, it is just so amazing and emotive, hearing a song from early Childhood brings back so many memories. Hearing a song I heard on a holiday reminds of those times, a worship song I first heard on Radio in America whilst driving brings back happy memories of that drive, the Bagpipe version of Amazing Grace reminds me of my Granddad, he loved the Bagpipes. There are also songs that remind me of times I would rather forget but we do need these as well. This morning as I turned on my Mac and ITunes to listen to music, I always play Party Shuffle it's like ITunes Roulette and chooses songs out of your music folder I have over 4900 songs in there, the first song today was Lemon Jelly - His Majesty King Raam, not a well known tune by all accounts but one that reminded me of my friend Matt. Matt would send me songs and I would send him songs, some Matt sent me were not to my taste, but most were, Matt like myself had a passion for music and would listen to anything I sent him and comment on it, sometimes he didn’t like the song but usually he did.

After coming back from Malta last year, one of the small jobs Mrs FLN asked me to do was sort out the music for after the Thanksgiving service, she wanted to play Matt’s ITunes Party list, it was what he played at his 30th Birthday, it was a mixture of music from the year he was born and his favourite music. I also backed up his ITunes music folder to my Firewire drive in case of any problems, the last thing any of us wanted was a problem the evening before the service. A few weeks later going through this folder of eclectic music I found most of the songs I had sent him, it made me smile, I also found music I had never heard of, I listened to some, some I couldn’t as it was locked by ITunes I also copied a few of Matt’s albums to my ITunes including his two Lemon Jelly albums each time they play I think of my office partner.