Friday, November 23, 2007

Weekend update

I have a slight problem...listening to Radio 4 this morning, they were saying that ID theft is growing due to Facebook and blogs!!!!! I don't want to remove my blog as it is a good record of how I have been dealing with some major things over the past 14 months. But I am also aware of that I need to be a bit more careful about what I put up.

Anyhoo what's been happening? Not much, I have been at Church a few times, I have been setting up the PC's in the new offices which has been great. I have been in touch with someone from my interview panel and still no definitive answer...but that's Ok I guess. I popped to the boat with Mrs EB to set the heating to come on a few times a day at the moment, the last thing we want is a burst pipe.

We are going to see Bill Bailey tonight with Amy, I just love his dry humour. Tomorrow we are going to the boat to go and relax and have some peace and quiet. That's about it really nothing much else is happening, I would still value your prayers about the Job, that things would be sorted soon.