Monday, November 19, 2007

That was the Weekend that Was

We had a nice weekend, I spent Friday night alone on "The Robber Button" it was a really peaceful and quiet evening and I was able to have a really nice warm shower thanks to John and John. It did get cold in the night but putting the heating on soon warmed it up.

Saturday Teapot and Timelord visited us for a half day, we had a great time just tootling up to Tixell Wide and having Sausage and Bacon Sandwiches then back to the Marina.

It was so nice to spend a bit of time with them. We were very blessed with the weather... when we set off it was a little overcast and it just started to rain a little by the time we had got to Tixell Wide, so I closed the doors and lit a fire, by the time the sandwiches were cooked the sun had come back out and stayed out until it it set.

We have a few peole who would like to spend some time on the boat and that is fantasic we will welcome guests as we know how relaxing and peaceful it is, Mrs EB has a diary with dates we are free so she is really the person to speak too, I have a rough idea but I have to check with her anyway. I am putting people off who I think would enjoy it a little more when the weather turns again in the spring, it just means a little longer cruising and a bit of a longer day, we only really have 5 hours of cruising time at the moment as it gets dark early and it is not easy going in the dark. It is also cold on that tiller even for a seasoned Captain like myself........LOL

Photo's Viv Sellers