Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another rant.

Some things in life I don’t get, I really do not understand?

Like how someone can be cruel to an animal, I eat meat, I enjoy it, and if push came to shove I would kill a say rabbit to eat. I wouldn’t torment it, I wouldn't chase it for miles so it is almost scared to death as a sport. I would use a snare to trap it then quickly kill it or if I had a gun I would shoot it in the field. If I kept chickens and a fox was worrying them I shoot the fox in the same way if I was keeping sheep and a dog worried them again I would shoot it. I would feel awful afterwards but I would protect my livelihood.
I was listening to Otis Ferry, the spoilt brat son of Bryan Ferry, saying how he hates the new anti-hunting law and he will not obey it, he has already been in contempt of court for storming the House of Commons, and is up for drink driving in January (what a nice young chappie he is). He is master of hounds at a hunt, so it is his hunt! I for one hope he filmed doing his deed and sent to jail, he thinks because his dad famous and has money he can do what he wants. Maybe 6 months with Mr I-Like-Nice-Posh-Boys as his cell mate will change his views on life, lets see how he likes being chased for sport.