Friday, December 01, 2006

December 1st today…December isn’t my favourite month by a long shot, it is cold, wet and the shops get far too busy and people get very grumpy. Also my big pet hate is Xmas….I really do hate Xmas it makes me go Grrrrrrrrrrr “Put Christ back in Christmas” and leave him there.

Oh yes some very good News today

From July 1st 2007 I will be a little happier it has been revealed that from that date Smoking in enclosed spaces in England and Wales will be banned not August 2007 as originally stated.
Being an Ex- Smoker (we are always the worst) I really hate going into a pub or restaurant and coming home and smelling like an ashtray. Sometimes friends will go to a different pub than the Bishop (a non-smoking pub) and I usually say no. I just don’t want to go home put my clothes in for washing and have a shower to get that stench out of my hair (yeah, yeah, yeah) and off my body. Well from July 1st I will be able to go to any pub or restaurant and be in comfort. What really gets me angry is the smokers who say well there is a no smoking area…Smoke isn’t that clever, it travels where it wants, also the smoking area is usually by the bar, (smokers can’t walk that far) so I have to walk through the smokers to sit down or fetch a new drink.