Friday, December 08, 2006

Mobile Phones

Well it has come to pass that my Mobile phone is now to be retired. I phoned the people at O2 and said I want to cancel my account with you and go back to T Mobile. "Oh we don't want you to go, Mr EB please stay, " She said. "I know, we will up the amount of texts you can do for free from 25 to 300 and we will let you talk for free for an extra 50 minutes a month and we will cut your bill £10 a month, also Mr EB you can choose some now phones for Mrs EB and yourself."

Ohh that’s nice I thought, choosing a nice phone from the website for Mrs EB that would let her edit Outlook and her diary...and choosing one that I can keep in my pocket without dialling some poor person again and again, sorry if I did this to you with my last but one phone. Anyhooo the upshot is I am stuck at home today and Monday; I am unable to go out as TNT are delivering the phones today or Monday, they couldn't tell me which....arggghhhhhh.
Oh well it is giving me the chance to do Miss Mission Team Leaders music quiz's for the Cabaret.