Wednesday, December 27, 2006

As this year draws to a close I have been thinking about what this year has meant to me;

The year started off quite badly as my studio had gone bang and all of my savings had gone on a new Mac. I was suffering with very bad depression and very bad migraines. Someone at Church via a call from Mrs EB talked with me for many hours over the next few weeks/months and saw me through it. I also spent many hours talking with Matt about a way forward with my Company and Matt kindly re-did my website to look more professional and have a simple yet friendly look. Between us I honestly we did achieved it.

At around Easter time I did a mass mail out and got nowhere, I did a mass email out and the same!!! Then my friend Simon mentioned that one of the producers for his group was off ill and he would push work my way if he could. Then some work came from Kenya (not the easiest to get money out of though) London started giving me some work!!! Now it sounds like I am busy!!!! The truth is I am not. I get maybe one or two jobs a month from London, Simon has moved to Kenya, and his old group only passed work for a 6 weeks. I get very little from Kenya (not Simon someone else) And come the New Year I have to look long and hard at what to do and a way forward?

Mrs EB went to Brazil on mission with Church for three weeks in July / August and this was the strangest time really, I am used to Mrs EB being away for the odd overnight with work, but not for 3 weeks!!! I had a few invites for tea/lunch which was very nice. Matt and I went out for a few beers and the odd curry, Ian and I went out for a few beers and the odd curry. I also had my birthday whist Mrs EB was away, and I organised a curry!!!(can you see a theme here?) It was a great night and many friends turned out, including Chris and Matt, I still have the birthday cards sent by both. When Mrs EB returned we got ready to go Malta with 3 friends diving.

This was when I learned of the accident, and when I started blogging most days, before that Matt I blogged off and on, on a few blogs and chatted online via MSN and Skype. Some of those are on here in the archive and also some are saved on my old blog again a link on here.

I have found writing how I feel quite therapeutic and a way of expressing my feeling over the past months as I come to terms with all my feelings and my faith. (not really my faith, more how I understand my faith)
I may well stop blogging soon when I feel I have sorted my feelings and my head, until then I will keep updating as and when.
I don’t actually know who reads my blog apart from a few friends at Church and the odd person who may stumble across it. But that is OK. I am doing it for me, but if you read it and leave a comment thank you.

Anyway I will be back when I have a something to say or a joke to share or a photo or two to put up, what do you think Pixie?

God Bless and a very Happy New Year, English Blogger