Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Well I didn’t get too much sleep last night as the pain was pushing me to the limit, but when I did sleep and then awoke my ear was a little better, so thank you for the prayers. I am really annoyed because my parents are coming to the Cabaret and they are bringing guests and my ear is playing up (grrrrrrr)!!!! how ironic? But I am really Praying that all these small steps will lead to them coming to a service soon, so I really want to be on top form and make this Cabaret the best yet. So I am being attacked....I think someone is scared we are making an impact on my parents...

I am taking things easy today, though I am going shopping with Mrs FLN for a bit of urgent Christmas Shopping!!! I need to get something for Mrs EB to open on Christmas day or I might just be living in the Cat pen on Boxing Day, maybe I could get her some leadblack for the Yorkshire puddings? (read Timelords blog for full story)