Monday, December 11, 2006

Well that was an interesting weekend.

Saturday was spent sharing a Golden wedding with two great people from our Church, it really is wonderful to see people still very much in love after 50 years. We came home after and shared a curry and watched a horror film called The Ring, the problem was it was an old DVD and it kept sticking…then the last 2 mins wouldn’t play!!!!! Got a refund from Blockbusters!!!

Sunday morning was different, Jimmy Cricket another comedian from the 70’s and 80’s came to Church, he did a routine for 30 minutes, it was very corny but also very funny, the juggling in styles was excellent. Though when interviewed he didn’t really give anything away…very good service though, Mark lead and Rev D spoke so well again. Afterwards we went to my parents for Sunday dinner, Mary from Spain was there and we shared some great food and laughs. Mmmmm Roast Beef and Apple and Raspberry pie, oh so tasty.

The evening service was taken by Mission Team Leader and was about the feeding of the 5000 and giving things over to God…an excellent service though I did giggle in a couple places because of certain people around the building. Afterwards in the Bishop it was a very big crowd, and so wonderful to see so many people, I didn't get to chat to everyone, though I did chat with Martin's dad which was really nice.
During both services I was trying a new recording system. Recording Via PC to Adobe Audition I had a few teething problems, which is OK it was the first of four Sundays to set it up. I was very happy by the end of Sunday evenings service, a few more tweaks but I think it is the way forward.