Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The phones arrived at 7am yesterday morning!!!! Mrs EB received them, lol, I was still asleep. Anyhooo both phones are very sexy and nice. I have swapped most things over on to my new phone, the one thing it won’t let me swap over are my Texts. I am very sad about that as I have two TXT’s from Matt and I did want to keep them. I am sure I will work out what to do.. Shelagh's phone is also a PDA so its going to take her a few hours to work how it all works.
I have also finished the music quiz x2 for Mission Team Leader, I am just awaiting her approval and her answers... apart from that not much has happened.
Oh beggar!!!!
Every now and again I get an eczema in my ears, well today is that lucky day, yeeehar I was on the phone to the Doc's and got some antibiotic spray, I am in a heck of a lot of pain...please pray for me as its the Cabaret on Friday and Saturday, rehearsal Wednesday...