Saturday, December 30, 2006

I am bloody angry at the so called Western 1st World leaders.

I cannot believe on the last day of 2006 that people today think it is right and proper to hang someone for their crimes?
Am I in a minority who thinks taking a life is not fair justice? I know Saddam Hussein was an evil tyrant who murdered thousands and reined in terror over the people of Iraq. Putting him to death will solve nothing. There will still be civil war there, the electric still won’t work and crime will still be rife and he is now dead, what has it achieved? When he was alive and in prison there was a slight hope of him being redeemed, a tiny chance he would come to accept what he did was wrong. Today I am totally p*ssed off that George Bush, Margaret Beckett and other world politicians have condoned this action by saying Saddam has been “Held to Account” How the heck can he be held to account when he is dead? (and these people are in charge of our countries and world.)