Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

It's January 1st 2007.

Well the last few days have been eventful!!

The first thing was I had to get a new PC, my old PC is very poorly, and is just about to go to the tip, so I went to PC World after seeing an advert on TV for a big system PC with large monitor for a great price. I got it and bought it home set it up....then it turned itself off? strange I thought...Mmmmm I pondered, so over the next 24 hours I spent trying to work out why? I called the help line, and eventually took it back, after a big mess around at PC world I got a new system and it works a treat and is a nice PC. It is going to take ages getting stuff of my off the old PC but as long as it keeps working I don't mind.

I woke up Saturday and made Mrs EB and myself a cuppa and collected the post. I had a packet it was soft and squidgy...I opened it up and two sweet little NPower Orbs fell out.

I wasn't expecting them.

We went into Brum and did some shopping and ended up in Selfridges and at the Icecream department Morelli's how amazing was my Icecream!!!Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm so tasty.

Yesterday was Church, Rev D was excellent, though Baddog's son has some very strange ideas about what happens at Church, did he really expect to take his trousers off? The services where hard, but Rev D did an amazing job again. Anyhoo I went home after as Mrs EB wasn't feeling well, and I was starting to feel a bit naff, and today we're both feeling urghhh,

What a Happy New Year,

Oh yes, here is Pixey or is it Poxie with Robbie