Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Doing a few things

I was looking over my firewire Hard Drive today and cleaning it up, when I came across a folder called Matts Music…hello I thought what is this? I had a look inside and it was full of Freelancenerds Itunes and ripped music for his Ipod and his 30th Birthday party. Then I remembered I had saved all of Matt’s music for Heidi the evening before the Thanksgiving service, just before we sorted out the music and burned the CD’s. My mind had completely forgotten they where on my HD.

To be honest I haven’t really looked on there for ages, and I don’t think I would have been ready to listen before now anyway. Well any music Matt bought from ITunes I can’t listen too anyway as they are locked and need a password, but I did come across lemon Jelly a band Matt introduced me too last year. I was so pleased, I stuck them into my Itunes and had them blasting out as I went through the music, smiling away, knowing Matt would be dead chuffed I was listening to it. He loved to share his music with me, and I with him. I was going to ask Heidi if I could borrow Matt’s lemon Jelly CD’s to put on my IPod as well!

This afternoon was a little harder, Mrs FLN had asked me to have a look at Mr FLN’s computer, one of the first things I found was Matt’s first blog, I read a tiny bit, I just couldn’t read anymore. It is just fantastic that it is there, I don’t know if it is complete, though I am sure it is, it will be backed up very soon and then it will be 100% safe. I removed loads of stuff off the PC and installed Norton Internet Security. There are a few more things that I need to do including backing up all of the Documents and Music folders and any of Matt’s work. I will then do the same on Matt’s laptop. It is so important that anything that can be saved and backed up is and is put away for safe keeping. Whilst I was doing all this and eating cheese on toast I had a Lemon Jelly song going over and over in my head and I started singing it…Oh NOOO your singing that weirdo music of Matt’s!!!! I knew he would have been giggling.