Friday, January 12, 2007

An eye full of dinner

So Mrs and EB and I went to Touchwood (or Torchwood as I now call it) to hunt down a Fatman iTube; its a valve amp player for our IPods. Well it was a fruitless task as we didn't find it. Anyhooo we went to Nados

for lunch…… Mmmmm I hear you say, well yes and NO. I was eating a leg piece and part of the bone with Hot Chilli sauce flicked up and hit me in the eye!!!! Yooooowwwwwcccchhhhhhhhh It blinking well hurt !!!!! My eye started to close and water and sting like hell, so I had to pop to the loo with a tissue stuck to my eye and then quicly wash my eye out. Very hard to do at the best of times without having a bloke peeing 6" from your head!!!!

I am pleased to say my eye is OK and the chicken was excellent.