Thursday, January 25, 2007

A few days

Had a bit of a varied time over the last few days.

Monday my Dad came round and fitted our new hob and cooker, wooooooooohooooo we can now eat again. I know everyone was worried I would waste away.

Tuesday I got up, went to Tesco and did the shop... It was full of mums with pushchairs and very old people making a quick dash around impossible.
When I got home the answer machine was flashing!!! I had a job I called them back, can I do these ads ASAP. I should have had them on the Thursday before, but the clearance on them hadn’t come through (I will write about the RACC one day) and they had only just cleared and they were actually missing airtime!!!
I had just received the email with scripts when they called again they had another ad ,could I do that as well? Of course I said. Well that one was quite easy, a Sainsbury’s ad using the same Female voice that’s on the TV ads and she was the main voice on these other ads.
I recorded all the voice parts, then made the Sainsbury ad for Maidenhead. It was a two part advert, an effect on the voice at the start with a sound effect under it, and just dry voice. I did that and sent it off to London. I started on the other ads knowing it was going to take many hours of very intense work to get these ads done, there were 5 ads all with lots of sound effects and 3 or so voices, the phone goes at 5:40pm "the Sainsbury’s ad...can they now have music and this and that?" Of course..big sigh*(having already checked if they wanted music) I’ll do it now, putting the other ads that are missing airtime to one side. I start to do that at 5:30 and send it by 5:55pm I manage to finish the first of the other ads for 6:15pm and sent it. I then stopped work and made tea for Mrs EB. I then went to Church and met Mike and we did some techie stuff fixing in Computers and things.

7:30am Wednesday I started on the ads again and had them all mixed and sent by 9:30, I had promised 10am, I like to be early. When the phone goes..."the Sainsbury’s ad"....yeeeesss? well they have changed the wording on the script can you get it re-voiced please? Of course I say, I’ll call the VO and book her. The earliest time I can get her is 1:45, as I am out between 11:15 and 1:30 for a Thanksgiving service at Church.

The Orbs helped me !!!

I haven’t heard a word on the other ads?