Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Prayer

Being the busy media chappie I am, well us media type people have our very own Chaplain...I know!!
Revd Tony Miles is Media Chaplian and he has a blog and his blog is very encouraging especially in the money grabbing world of radio. I was reading Tony's Blog yesterday he had published this beautiufl Prayer, and I asked if I could put it up here. I pray in helps you as it helped me.

God of the ages,
you are before us,
with us
and beyond us.
Lead us, we pray,
from winter to spring;
from night to day;
from darkness to light;
from slumber to consciousness;
from an old year to a new beginning.
May your renewing Spirit burst forth into our lives
with forgiveness, fresh vision, and bless├ęd hope;
through the resurrecting power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Copyright January 2004 Rev. Anthony D. Miles