Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mullins Burger's CD

I have that horrid bug thing that makes you feel urghhh .

Well yesterday it was a fine day.

Well the day was spent trying to stop being sick, by the late afternoon I was feeling a little better, I took my studio to Church…for a new project. Mullins Burger is at Nexus and to help him with funds we are doing a small CD. We recorded 6 tracks last night. Mullins on drums and acoustic guitar and vocals on one track, Amy and Amiability on piano and guide vocals, Skip on lead guitar and Bass, Matt on rhythm guitar and vocals on one track, and Mrs EB on guide vocals. We finished by about 9pm. We popped to see the Bishop on the way home.

Today Mullins Burger came round and we mixed 2 tracks, they both sound very good. I did a little tweaking here and there, Mullins was impressed that I knew what to do!!!! These cheeky young kids today….

Anyhooo Saturday evening is set aside to do the full vocals and extra bits like bass, recorder, some electric guitar riffs, not at Church but here with some food mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm