Monday, January 29, 2007

Today is Chris’s birthday, someone who never looked his age or acted how you would expect. I can still hear his wonderful laugh ringing in the church and his running down the stairs in the Church Office. How I would love to give him a rude card, a bottle of wine and make a comment about him looking his age. Happy Birthday my friend, I miss you.

Yesterday we had a visiting speaker at Church, he was excellent, but it was slightly spooky listening to him talk. His accent was as close to Timelords as you could get, and some of his mannerisms and intonations were the same as well, I did ask Timelord if they went to the same crèche. Apparently he is not even from the same town, he was from Wakefield.

More things happened over the weekend, there was a wedding at Church on Saturday and we went out for a Curry on Saturday night with Gaye, Andi, Amy and Ian to celebrate Ian’s birthday which was yesterday.