Friday, June 15, 2007


I have over 4200 songs in my ITunes and on my IPod which equates to 12.2 days of solid listening should I so wish... so I have taken to listening to my music at random or ITunes or IPod Roulette as it is called. I just select Party Shuffle on ITunes or "Random Play" on my IPod and let it choose 100 songs and off it plays.

Now I don’t actually know all 4200+ songs as Mrs EB uses the same ITunes to load her IPod as well. I had already loaded most of my music when Mrs EB got her IPod, I thought it daft for her to have to upload all her music on to her PC laptop when I had already uploaded so much music to my Studio Mac. Once an IPod is synced with either a PC or Mac you cannot change its format.

So the long and short of it is the ITunes on my Mac is a collaboration of both mine and Mrs EB’s taste in music. We both like a lot of the same sort of thing, from Genesis to U2, but there is the odd thing that Mrs EB cannot stand in my tastes like Meat Loaf and I am guess a few others as I find Maroon 5 very hard to listen too (to me every track sounds the same)....this is what makes ITunes or IPod Roulette such fun!!

I have really enjoyed listening to all this music over the last few weeks; I have heard some tracks for the first time that has actually been a true pleasure to hear, 1 or 2 have been hard work, but I have endured. On my Blog I have now installed from Last FM "what I am listening too," I think this will display something like the last 5 tracks played on the Mac, so as long as I am not recording a VO or mixing adverts I am playing music....I just wish I had thought about doing this last year when I got my IPod.