Thursday, June 07, 2007

Over the Rainbow

(If you click the picture of the CD above it will take to an online links to buy the CD)

I watched Challenge Anneka last night. Her challenge was produce a 12 track CD full of stars in 5 days and have a gala release!!! This CD had to include the song Somewhere over the Rainbow and a choir with Boys and Girls from Hospices. All the proceeds are to go to the Childrens Hospice's in the UK. They chose a theme of "Song's from the Shows" (wonder where I have heard that theme before?) The CD was released yesterday it is excellent, it can be found at your local supermarket, or Woolies or ITunes!!!!
It was an excellent programme, I cried like a little girl when one of the Children passed away a day before gala. Actually I cried most of the way through the programme....but as Mission Team Leader says I am a big poof anyway.