Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blood tests and what to eat for Breakfast?

Every day now I have to prick one of my fingers and release a drop of blood. I have to do this about 4-8 times a day until I see the specialist on Friday. When I have released the blood I then have to test it using my state of the art blood tester!!!! "The GlucoMan Visio."
The thing that looks like a pen is a device that goes with little blue things in front of it, the square end comes off those little blue things to reveal a little sharp pin end, this fits in the pen and you pull the end back press the green button and it fires a tiny jolt by putting this on the end of your finger it pricks it and a tiny drop of blood appears quite painless really, though for the first two days my finger was a little sore!!!

I put a tiny strip into the machine it tells me what code it is? not sure what that bit is about. then it says it is ready. I then dip the other end in my blood, it shows a count down from 10 then it tells me my blood sugar level. Normal Blood sugar will be around 5 - 7 mmol/L mine are around 12 at the moment and have been as high as 19!!! This isn't good really and I am trying to bring them down with diet. Now bringing my blood sugar down with diet is flaming hard!!! Carbs get turned into sugar, so I am trying a few less carbs, but that is hard as I get hungry. Fruit is wonderful but full of natural sugar!!!! so just a meat only diet it is then.

I made a paella for Mrs EB and myself last night, I had a portion, no bread and some fat free yogurt with a banana for pudding and my blood sugar was very high at 19 mmol/L .....I know yogurt isn’t ideal, but I still crave sweet things so much.

Breakfast is a tough meal; I am not up to cooking anything first thing as I usually feel my worst when I wake up. I like cereal but only sweet cereal, I can’t be doing with cornflakes without a sprinkle of sugar on top, so I am having toast (which is bread and bread is carbs...which get turned into sugar!!) as I have to eat breakfast now. I spent ages in the cereal aisle of Tesco the other day looking for something I could eat. Somerset Bob a fellow blood tester eats porridge, I do like the oats but again with sugar or honey...I tried “Fruit” the other day and my blood sugar went through the roof!!!! stupid me fruit is just full of sugar.