Thursday, June 28, 2007

Amazing Doctors.

I received a phone call yesterday evening. Dr X!!!

How are you feeling?
OK I guess, I am avoiding all sugar and I am taking things easy and I am walking to places.
Good, Good. How are your bloods?
Not good actually very bad up at 14 (they should be between 6 and 7)
That’s OK, keep a full record don't panic! I have spoken to the consultant about you today, he is going to see you a week on Friday, he will write or call, but if he forgets here is his mobile phone number if you haven't heard by Wednesday call him. (now that is amazing service)

To say I have been amazed by Dr X over the past week or so is an understatement. I understand Diabetes is a serious condition, and it will affect my life from now on. But Dr X has been amazing.

I am slowly coming to terms with taking my blood all the time, though my fingers are getting sore, I am a bit confused about what I can and can't eat, as carbs get turned into sugar in the body, my blood sugar is so high it is scary, I tried a beer last night (alcohol reduces the blood sugar) but it hasn't helped they are at 15 this morning, so I'll be giving it a miss for the time being...maybe I'll have one Sunday evening after Church.
I am off to Tesco to find a drink I can have that isn’t boring or taste of NutraSweet!!!! I also need loads of fruit to munch on and something for lunch and tea.