Friday, June 01, 2007

June is here

June the 1st today and I am having a sorting day, Mrs EB is in London doing very important things for her Professional Body. I am feeling pretty crap so I thought I would try and sort out a few things.

1) I have an old laptop that is virtually no more, so I have been getting the odd thing off it that I would kick myself for if I didn't ever boot up again.

Well I have found some old digital photo's and a few old MSN convocations that Matt and I had...I read a few bits and bobs and what I did read made me laugh. I also found a few photo's that Matt sent to me that I will pass on to Mrs FLN if she would like them.

2) I have also been looking for photos of Mission Team Leader that I know I have somewhere but I just can't quite put my fingers on just yet....time is on my side I think, they will turn up.

3) I have ripped all of my 200+ Sound Effect CD's in Itunes (this gives all track infomation and disc details) and made 4 DVD ROMs I have also backed them up to my Firewire HD, this is a £4000+ collection and I would be mortified and totally at a loss if it failed as I couldn't work without it. So making DVD ROMs and HD backups seemed a sensible thing to do.

4) I need to do my invoicing for last month’s work.... I have done the one, I need to work out another one...but now my head is making me dizzy I think I'll do later.....
5) I am smiling today as it is 1 month today that Pubs and Resturants become SMOKE FREE huzzahhhhhh