Monday, June 18, 2007

The BBC independant?

I was reading the BBC News online today and saw this link The BBC must become impartial I nearly wet myself laughing.

I love the BBC they make some of the best TV in the world, but as an impartial broadcaster.... don't make me laugh, They only broadcast news and programming that will not rock the political boat. They are in Parliaments and the Civil Services's pocket, that will never change until the TV licence is abolished and the BBC become's a self financing company. The BBC is paid via them and the PM's office appoints the boss of the BBC. Does that sound like an impartial company? The BBC World service is paid for via a bursary from the Foreign and Commonwealth office...ermmm, so via the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who gives them the money so that will be the Government again then.

Are the BBC reporting the Gulf in truth? What do the people of Iraq honestly think of us being there? What do the soldiers honestly think? if you read some blogs it's totally different to what the BBC seem to report. Happy kids waving at tanks as they drive past, it is just a few insurgents causing all the troubles? Well if that was the case shouldn't the might of the British, US and European Armies have a few insurgents sorted PDQ?
The BBC is an amazing company that I have been privileged to work for, I am proud to say that I am an EX-BBC employee, but please let’s be honest. They are in Parliaments and the Civil Servants pockets and will remain so to put out propaganda until The BBC becomes an impendent broadcaster and is not scared of losing its money or having its head removed.