Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday 3rd June

This is the first in what must be over a year that I am in Sutton and have not gone to Church for the morning service!!! I will go this evening, esp. as Timelord is preaching. I always enjoy it when Timelord talks in church.
There are three reasons I am not going, the 1st is I am feeling pretty naff and the 2nd is it's a parade service and the 3rd is it is Sutton Fun Run day and the service is 3o mins early add all three together and I stayed in bed.

I am very tired and I have this blinking headache, I did the sound at a beautiful wedding yesterday, then we popped up to my Mom and Dads they were expecting us, but had gone out without their mobile phone, so we came home. I then did some gardening which wiped me out. So now I am just drinking tea and taking it easy.