Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another week has gone by

I have had a little spurt of work as the London company I do some work for are away from today until Monday, so they had to clear the decks. That has been really nice as I have had a few things to do. One ad was a remake of an advert that they had made last year but had lost the original parts, for a shopping channel on TV, so I had to emulate what they had already mad, I think I did OK.

I am still not feeling great, but I am feeling a little better, so that's a good thing. I just wish I could wake up and not have a day.

Tonight is a Church Meeting so my evening is taken up with that.
Not much has happened in the last week really a little work, shopping and cooking. Mrs EB got a couple of films out on Saturday evening.....well one was called "Them" (we do enjoy a good scary film) and we put it on...the opening scene is in a car a Mother and is raining... they start to's in Hungarian...with subtitles....they crash...a few things happen...scene ends ...we cut to a school....and it's a French class all in French....with subtitles...Mrs EB says ermmmm I think this film is all in it said subtitles on the box!!!!!

It was a good film and actually a little short with a very abrupt ending. The other film she got was excellent "The Prestige" a sort of who or how done it!!!!