Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bank Holiday Update

Well that was a very busy weekend here is an update of what happened and where we are at now

I travelled upto Garrigill on Friday evening with my Brother-in-law Bryan and got to my Sister-in-law Liz's at about 12:30 am, had a glass of wine and off to bed. We got up early had a wonderful cooked breaky and Bro-in-Law and I went out for the Morning. We came back in time to meet the rest of his blues band in the pub!!! We had some lunch and set up for the gig. I was recording the event on Pro Tools via 12 or so mics.

We had tea and washed and changed and off we went to the village hall for a night of blues, a rather spiffing night it was as well. Afterwards it was back to Mrs EB's sisters for some more wine and food and a very late night. Sunday morning was spent striking the gig and getting my gear back to Sister-in-laws, saying good bye to the band and Bro-in-law then getting ready for Mrs EB's arrival, Mrs EB arrived about 12:30 am.

Got up about 9am Monday had a great cooked breaky and I took Mrs EB and her sister to her sweetie shop, Mrs EB was going to be working in there all day, about 11am I took Mrs EB's sisters friend Pete down to the shop and brought Liz back as Monday was Garrigill Gala day!!! There were bands on the village green and various stalls and attractions....one being a Rubber Duck race down the stream the Tyne!!! (the river starts 1.5 miles up on the moor. ) Anyhoo I was asked to wear a large ducks costume to advertsie this event!!! I was cadjolled into this and it was boiling hot!!! I walked about the village looking a total idiot, waving at kids and along with a young chap we were selling ducks for the race. Then a local photographer from a local paper arrived and took my picture...half an hour later yet another photgrapher arrived. After what was a fantastic day Liz and I went to Alston to pick up Mrs EB and Pete, Liz did the till tally and found out that Mrs EB and Pete had taken the most ever for a day!!!!

We arrived home late Monday night and Mrs EB transfered funds for "The Robber Button" and these should be well cleared by Friday, when Mrs has another day off, we are doing the day course on Saturday and we will be away this weekend as we start to take her to Great Haywood. So that was my weekend.