Thursday, August 23, 2007


I have been a really busy bunny since my last Blog.

Anyhoo what’s been going on? Well we had new carpets all over the house apart from the living room, so we emptied the rest of the house into the living room, that took a couple of days and a couple of days to put it all back again. Whilst sorting through all of the stuff we have gotten rid of loads of bits and pieces... So I have been up to the tip more times than I can remember and to Second Thoughts (A shop owned and run by our Church) a few times.

I have also been cleaning a tiding the house as today an estate agent is calling in to value our property....ironic really the house is now looking how I have wanted it too for years and now we sell...but we really want the boat and its a matter of finance really, we don't have enough......

Well the estate agent called round and was here for a couple of hours going through how they will market the house etc, and how much she thinks will get for EB Towers…I was very happy with what she said and I called Mrs EB and she was also happy so we agreed and I guess by Friday EB Towers will be on the market.
The cheque finally arrived and I drove into Brum and paid that into our Smile account via the C0-Op bank and then I phoned the Marina and let them know we now have the money, I also booked James for our day skipper course for a week Saturday, that also means I will be away for that following week, finally bringing home "The Robber Button".....

What else?

My Bloods are slowly coming down but they are still roller coastering away up and down, but generally I am feeling so much better now, I have also lost a stone!!!! 14lbs for my readers from across the pond. That is just cutting out sugar, I can't believe it? I am also starting to actually get some energy back which is really nice.
I am away this weekend up in Garrigill recording my Brother in Laws blues band at a festival, I am really looking forward to spending a bit of time with my in-law family, though Mrs EB can't come up until Sunday night after she has lead worship at church. Its a 5 to 6 hour Journey so please pray for our safe arrival and return.

That’s about it really…