Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday August 4th

I was working in my garden yesterday, (I still have a good days works to do) I got to thinking about last year. This time last year Mrs EB was in Brazil with the mission team, and Matt would insist on taking me out for a beer and a didn't take too much insisting on his part really... I do miss our chats, we would talk all night about various things ranging from politics, religion.. friends our lives and work struggles. We would chew the fat and enjoy the company often bursting into gales of laughter with a few insults thrown in. On my birthday last year both Matt and Chris came along for a curry along with a few other special friends, Chris came late, ate early and went as he was going on somewhere else, I was just so happy he came, he was always going at 100mph but we all loved him so much and that was just his way. He gave me a beautiful bottle of wine, which I saved until Mrs EB was back from Brazil and we shared it together. He also gave me a card with the instructions not to show it to Donald !!! I am looking at it now with a tear in my eye. Heidi couldn't come along that evening as she had been at a carnival with work and was just pooped out. After the curry we all came back here to English Blogger Towers for puddings and Magno!!! and sat chatting for hours I don't remember what time Matt left, he was the last along with two other friends who were on Malta with us in September...Matt and Heidi also sent me a funny card with a joke about ...well maybe I will scan them both and put them after this waffle.

My heart is breaking again as September comes around, I know that it will be so hard for Heidi, Viv, Steve, Al, Carol Dorothy and all of the families and each will be in my Prayers. I was looking on the interwebbythingy for ways to pray (I am not a great I look for inspiration sometimes) I came across this in some prayers for the loss of someone close. I thought I would add it to this blog as I found useful. I know Matt and Chris are in heaven, but they are also in my heart and this says that in a very special way.

I give you this one thought to keep ~ I am with you still ~ I do not sleep ~ I am a thousand winds that blow ~I am the diamond glinting on the snow ~ I am the sunlight on ripened grain ~ I am the gentle autumn rain

When you awaken in the morning's hush ~ I am the swift, uplifting rush ~ Of quiet birds in circled flight ~I am the soft stars that shine at night

Do not think of me as gone ~ as I am with you with each sunset & dawn ~ I will be constantly there ~ With you, always & forever more ~ Along your side ~ Always there…

A small explanation about Matt and Heidi’s card... Matt and I would spend a lot of time each day finding new ways to insult each other....ranging from just how ugly each of was to our sexuality, during one of these times Matt nick named me Brokeback Baynham and this where his card is coming from. Please don’t be offended by these cards I wasn’t, just enjoy them. I have looked at the cards a few times over the last 12 months and smiled and remembered two special friends. I usually throw away birthday cards a week or so after my birthday, but I kept them last year so Mrs EB could read them and then just put them away in my studio?