Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wednesday - Thursday


I had one of those days yesterday and today I am regretting it. It started by having blood tests then lifting all the old underlay in the hall, and landing (I had taken up the stairs the other day) I then had to take all the gripper rod up as I have to be careful about cuts and things on my feet. I then had to go ever the complete floor and get up all the nails, staples and other tiny tacks which took forever. I then toook all of that to the tip. Then to tesco for a shop, come home and cook tea. I know it doesn't sound much, but today I feel awful..... I am off to see the consultant Friday so lets see what he says about everything.


Well I had to stop blogging yesterday as I ended up spending the day being very ill...ho hum. I even had to pop and see Dr X. I had some good news from him my diet is working and my bloods are looking much better.

Today I went to Braunston with a friend who also has a boat to get his views on the "unnamed" boat and he thought it very nice. Tervor (the surveyor) was there and has now signed off the boat, so as soon as we pay it is ours!!!! that is scary we are awaiting some funds then bish bash bosh hand over the dosh. We have the registration papers here....and we need to have a name to register the boat.... I think we are down to two names now....but that could change back to 3 or 4.

Tomorrow morning I am at the hospital seeing Dr R about the diabetes my bloods are still all over the place so I will see what he says about all of that.