Monday, August 13, 2007


It was a quiet weekend, we didn't do much really. Friday evening Skip came round, we tried to eat a Chinese in the garden but a few wasps made it annoying so we gave up and came inside, we had a good evening chewing Chinese and the fat. Saturday was a day we didn't do much we popped out to look for some chairs for "The Robber Button" and had lunch out, came home and did some odd jobs ( I cleaned the weed out of the water feature) and surfed the net. Sunday I was on sound, the Morning DR S took the service and it was very funny. The evening Mrs EB lead the worship (a jolly fine job she did too) and Mish Partner V preached. V is just an inspiration I could listen to her all day she is 70 and looks and sounds much younger...she is amazing. I had gone to collect the radio mic off her and was having a little chat, when a person from church came upto her (he is known to have a few problems) and asked for one her tracts known as BYN but he asked for a BNP leaflet I nearly laughed, but V was unfazed and corrected him and just carried on.

I went to the dentist this morning and had a polish and check up. I have managed to chip a small amount off one of my front teeth, so I had that filed down and sorted, apart from that all is well in the EB mouth department. I have made an appointment with a young optician called Rachel, the earliest I could get is September 11th...she is very popular. That is about it in the life of EB at the moment, apart from a visit last night from 2 Paddington Bears (They are from Darkest Puru you know? They kept telling me, it was very annoying when I am trying mix the sound) who sat with me on the sound desk courtesy of a certain Timelord who shall remain nameless... (Neither had Marmalade Sandwiches with them under their hats?)