Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday update

I went to see Dr R at the hospital at 7:30am yesterday !!! I tend to forget things and I would forget half of what he Mrs EB came with me. Over all Dr R is very happy with my progress. I am losing a little weight, my various readings in my blood are doing well, my Blood Sugar is still higher than he likes also my blood fats. I am now on a statin to bring those down (this is because my liver is damaged, and not to do with eating Bacon and Curry). I am also trying a different type of metformin a slower release, but now I am on a higher dosage (1000mg in the morning and 500mg in the evening) I haven't noticed any difference as yet but I am sure I will be able to get my BS down to 5 and 6 shortly. After a visit to see Dr R I made an appointment to see Dr X (Baddog did point out that I should get a new doctor as Dr X is always trying to take over the world) and took a letter from Dr R and got my new meds, came back here and had breakfast then started the new tablets.

The decorating is about done and the carpet should be going down soonish. Then onto the estate agents. We are still waiting for the cheque to come. so we can bank it then we can transfer funds to the marina for the boat, it is very frustrating we are all set to go and the surveyor who came Monday hasn’t sent off his survey yet this could set everything back by a week or two, I have already had to cancel our day skipper course is looking like that will have to be changed again...grrrrrr. I wouldn’t mind, but the surveyor was a really nice guy he said he would get the thing off ASAP as well.

Oh well, I am sure we will just be very happy when it is all signed sealed and sorted. Lets hope for a long and hot Indian Summer and some great evenings and weekends on "The Robber Button"