Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday lazy day (Not this Saturday)

I am having a "doing" Saturday, I am doing things, I have cycled into Boldmere!!! no big feet on its own, but small steps. I then started to prepare Sunday Dinner!!! I know, but Mrs EB is leading Worship in the evening and after the morning service it is always a rush to make dinner, tidy up and get to Church for 5:30; especially if we want our afternoon nap! So we tend to have a snacky lunch if one of us is doing something on a Sunday. So I thought "lets have a nice roast dinner" and I would pretend I am a chef again........

So in Boldmere I window shopped and saw a nice joint of fresh Welsh Lamb (mmmmm a certain favourite of mine) a new green grocers shop had opened, so I popped in there and got a nice looking cauliflower and some rhubarb and apples

We are having Roast lamb (with a breadcrumb coating made with some stale bread, garlic and herbs, chilli, black pepper, salt... smells nice, but I have no idea what it tastes like), a Cauliflower Cheese (made and in the fridge.) Roast spuds and mashed spuds (just peeled) followed by Rhubarb and Apple crumble (again made and in the fridge) made with Pink Lady Apples and the first of this years rhubarb? where the heck that has been grown I have know idea.

I had a real hive of industry going on in my kitchen, apples and Rhubarb simmering, crumble being made, a rue being started my cauli being boiled, when the doorbell went, one of my neighbours...."is your drain blocked?" "pardon!!!" I say, he repeats, "is your drain blocked?" "I don't think so" I said, "why?" he replied "I have had a new drain in my back garden by the kitchen and it isn't clearing and neither was the neighbours on the other side." I said "Oh dear, I don't think ours is blocked but lets go check". I turn on the tap in the kitchen and we pop outside and check the drain and its overflowing, (I am thinking ahhh this could be a real big beggar and very expensive) I get my power washer and turn it on and squirt it at the drain head , a piece of paper floats away and the drain is clear and all the water drains away in less than a second, pheeeeeeewweeeee!!! I thought.

His drain man arrives within seconds from next door. I tell him it was sort of blocked, but it isn't now as I had cleared it with the jetwasher. "naaa its blocked," seeing all the water from the paper blocked drain and the jetwasher on the patio area "YOUR drains blocked!!!, there is no way you could clear it with a jetwasher" he said accusingly. So I get a hammer and remove part of the catpen!!! and check the drain head, its clear! I turn on the hose and its just flowing away. I said, "its not blocked?" He looked at me and says "No it isn't is it?" he said it as a question with a hopeful look in his eye, as if I was going to have the answer to his questions about my neighbours drain. he went off looking very sad and bemused.

Miss Amy and Amiability will be joining us for Sunday lunch..I have just thought I could be wiping out nearly all the talent from Sunday nights Worship group in one go!!!