Monday, March 12, 2007


Synathesia (SynEthesia in modern parlance) is the confusion of senses. Such phenomena allows the subject to "see sounds", hear colors, etc.. Any of the senses can be mixed with any other sense as a means of perceiving in a different manner.

I am blessed with this "condition, phonomena?" I see music and sound...if I listen to music I see scenes and colours...I always thought this happened to everyone. It never occurred to me that wasn't what happened to everyone. If I listen to a Radio Play I see it, all the characters the streets the rooms. There is a saying in radio that goes “Radio makes better pictures than any film or TV programme, as it's the theatre of the mind” so I just assumed this was the same with music and for everyone.

I guess this why I love my job so much, I see the script and product I am making in pictures in my mind and that helps me to do the job. I believe this makes it much easier for me to be creative and explore and play with sound. It was only a couple of years ago (now Mrs EB, will tell you, my couple of years ago could be anything up to 20 years ago or more, my sense of time passed is a bit dodgy to say the least, sorry) I happened to listen to a programme on Radio 4 about Synathesia and realised that not every sees sound! The late John Peel also did some bits on it on his Home Truth's Show it was just fascinating to hear other peoples accounts of what they see, feel and experience when they listen to music and hear words and sounds. I couldn't really put into words what I see when I listen to music, sometimes it will be colours other times it will be scenes say a open country with animals and sort of depends on my state of mind and what the music represents to me at the time. I know that sometimes during open Worship it can be a mind blowing experience of colours and pictures of beauty that blesses me and makes my eyes leak.