Monday, March 26, 2007

GMT BST Leave it alone!!!!

The last weekend was a very busy and exhausting weekend. The rehearsal Friday then the preshow rehearsal, then the show Saturday night, then being on sound on Sunday. I know Mrs EB was very tired and she was singing at both services as well; Only to find British Summer Time started this weekend and have the Government steal an hour from my sleep, I was not well pleased this Sunday morning , well all day actually. I do wish we could settle on one time and leave it at that, a unified UK time? I don’t care which way round it is or if have to put the clocks forward or back x or xx hours; let’s just do it once and then leave the clocks alone !!!!. Grrrrr *rant over*
I was amused at people arriving at 11:15am onwards for the morning service and again at 7:15 for the evening service!!!!