Friday, March 23, 2007

The Grease paint, The Lights, The fear...

Tonight is the rehearsal for tomorrow night’s “Songs from the Shows; Songs from the Musicals” 12 acts, a quiz, a compare ...none other than Baddog himself!!!! And a three course meal. All to be held in the church. I will be on sound again, where God has given me my talents.

These are the best tools ever for getting guests into Church in a safe environment, no preaching just a fun evening with good food and good entertainment. Miss Mission Team Leader had a true vision with these evenings, my parents have been to two so far and are coming to a third on Saturday and are bringing guests!!! It is amazing. Via this I have asked my Mum along to Friday Dinner, another safe event, a Baked Spud, a Cake Tea or Coffee for £2 again held in the Church, then once a Month a two course meal and a talk. I asked my Mum if she would like to come and hear Church Team leader talk about Evolution vs Creation? Yes she said and really listened to the talk.

These excellent events are very very hard work, I will be at Church today from mid afternoon until late, then tomorrow from about the same time. The reward? Seeing people have a great night and just maybe 1 seed is planted. It is coming up to Easter, and Mrs EB has been asked to lead the Worship on Easter Sunday evening I am going ask and see if Mr and Mrs EB snr will join me that evening, so please pray that will except the Invite.