Monday, March 26, 2007

The Best Radio Station.............Ever!!!

When we first went to Florida, crikey, about 11 years ago. We had a hire car and driving around found a brilliant radio station called "Positive Hits Z88.3". Over the years going back we always listen when we are in the Orlando Area, the station seems to have sister stations around Florida so you get the same amazing music.

When we went broadband 7 or so years ago we found Z88.3 online at and now listen at home. It's a strange concept listening to Sunny Florida Radio in a not so sunny Brum in the UK, and the time checks and travel reports are a bit useless, but the Music...WOW THE MUSIC, The Newsboys, Mercy Me, Tim Huges, Chris Tomlin, Third Day, Jars of Clay basically all the best in Christian music all day, what could be better?

I have now added a permanent link on the right hand side of my Blog, also on you can just click here if you want to hear it "Positive Hits Z88.3"