Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mums and Mother's day

Due to *&@@@ Vista I have not been surfing and I missed some blogs over the weekend. As everyone knows it was Mothering Sunday..all going back to Mary being told she was expecting Gods Son...pretty big news in anyone’s book (Crikey it's like I am beginning to know my bible after 20 years as a Christian). Well my heart was with Teapot and Mrs FLN and all the family on Sunday.

One of my favourite Blogs is Tony Miles's he's Media Chaplain and I guess a Chaplain to me as I work in media, he is a solid guy and I really do get a little spiritual injection from his blog. Here is his Pray for Mothering Sunday:-

Caring God,
today we praise you for mothers past and present.
None would claim to be perfect,
but we give thanks
for their unconditional love and tender hearts;
for their concern for our welfare;
for their patience and devotion;
for their healing and strength,
for their energy and skills;
for their influence upon our lives;
for their hopes and dreams.
On this Mothering Sunday,
embrace them in your arms.
Renew, refresh and bless them.
For in all good mothers and fathers,
we catch a glimpse of your perfect love for us.

© Anthony D. Miles March 2004
Here are three pictures taken in the 1940's of my wonderful Mother, as TinkerBell in a Production Peter Pan

She is in the Middle in this picture in white, I cannot remember who is in this production.

As Little Red Riding Hood.

My Mum and Dad invited Mrs EB and I to sunday dinner that my Mum cooked, as always it was wonderful food and jolly tasty, she even cooked the beef extra rare just for Mrs EB and Myself. I love Mums.