Wednesday, March 07, 2007

From one extreme to an other

Mrs EB got out a few photos the other day and I was reminded of a trip we had....
Whilst on one of our amazing holidays(vacations) to Florida, Mrs EB had bought me an experience!!! It was to swim with Dolphins well Dolphin to be precise. It took place at about 6am at Sea World in the Dolphinarium (Sea World have built a special park Discovery Cove that caters for this now) and it was before sun up. It was cold and damp, we went off to a changing room and put on wet suits and booties, then we had a lecture about Dolphins and Porpoise, Killer Whales are Porpoise and not Whales, look at their heads!!!! See I learnt something.
Anyhooo off we went to meet the head trainer and learn a bit more. We are asked to pat the water and along comes the most beautiful and amazing Dolphin, she turned on her back and we all stroked her, a strange soft leather feel. We did a few other things; feeding and playing then we had our photo's taken. Then you hold her underneath and on her dorsal fin and you are offffffffffff around the pool. I can honestly say I have never felt like I felt that morning, Mrs EB said she has never seen me smile for so long as I did that morning. There is something I cannot say what, but there is something that Dolphins do that makes you feel amazing and so ....special..I still can't put it into words, all I will say if you ever get the chance to be in the water with a Dolphin and can just be with a dolphin one on one please do it.
Another experience I had that trip was one of 100% shear fear !!!! We went to Universall Islands of Adventure...I do not do Roller Coasters, I love to watch them, I will stand in line with Mrs EB as she does them, Mrs EB thinks they are the best thing ever!!! Anyhooo I had heard of two rides before we went on this trip, One was Spiderman, and ..well just ask anyone who has been on Spiderman, it is the best ride in the World, its a cross between a 3D simulator and roller coaster and experience....its mind blowing...and the Other ride was Jurassic Park, a Steven Spielberg ride...with full working animatronics and a life sized T Rex. It is a water ride and you jolly along on a boat. Oh dear something has happened and the boat comes off its rails....and you go into a lab. The Dinosaurs have taken over. The next thing you know you are plummeting 80feet down a drop. I hate heights and this picture shows 100% shear terror. (click on the photo to see a larger version)
I was so scared at that point, I was screaming like a banshee. If you notice Mrs EB is laughing!! the people behind are wearing girlie water coats (its Florida its hot and you dry off in minutes) most others are laughing their heads off. Me I am petrified to point of total I can't breathe, but I actually did it again? But that is Florida for you.