Wednesday, March 28, 2007


In August 2005 I blogged about how I really do not like spiders, FLN jeered at me and said that there is nothing to be scared of! They eat flies which was good enough for him. (that post still makes me laugh)
Rationally; no there isn’t anything to be scared of, I am much bigger and I can stand on them and squidge them, but I suffer from Arachnophobia, and I mean I really do have a fear of spiders, not just a quick scream, I lock up with fear, I cannot move I find it hard to breathe. As I am writing this blog I am shaking and have goose bumps and a sense that I have one on me. I have just spoken to Mrs FLN and she was being chased by a Bumble Bee out of her bathroom. Then I spoke to Mishkid Debs in Brazil and she was saying that the Bugs and stuff are really going for it there since the rains. Also there is always a big spider in loo.
When the mission was announced to Brazil for last year, I was interested and thought of going and El Pasto sent me a letter saying how concerned he was that I was even thinking of going to Trapia as he knew of my fear, I was very glad he wrote that letter and we had a great chat about my fear.
My fear of spiders goes back to when I was a young boy, I have an older brother who’s idea of fun when I was very young was to torture me in various ways, one of them was with spiders. Catching them and chasing me with them, putting them on me and that sort of thing. I doubt I will ever get over that fear. As I have got older it seems to get more and more irrational even seeing spiders on TV sends me into quivering idiot, ask Mrs EB about the time we watched the film Arachnophobia. So why have I used pictures of Tarantulas? Well I am hoping that if I keep looking at them that one day I will get used to seeing them.
When a friends kids were tiny we took them to Twycross Zoo, the one lad Sam wanted to see the tarantulas, we couldn't find them. So we went and asked, they said that part was closed for a refit, but if we popped over to this prefab hut we could ask to see one there. So off we went, and asked, this lady brought out Lucrecia a Mexican red kneed thing. Sam looked on, then the lady said would you like to stroke her? Sam was scared and wouldn't, so I said if I put my hand next to her you can rest your hand on mine then you can stroke her. He did that and enjoyed it. I really don’t know why I did it and I was shaking for hours afterwards. I guess I didn't want my fear to rub off on him.